Episode 75 How To Connect With Spirit Guides: Interview with Carolyn Sheehan

Aug 10, 2022

Can guidance, wisdom, and healing be found by connecting with your Spirit Guides? How do you recognize and meet your Spirit team?

MEET Carolyn Sheehan

Carolyn Sheehan, Certified Master Hypnotherapist Trainer, Certified Medical Reiki Master Teacher, and Angel Intuitive Healer with Integrative Healing Inc. 

I specialize in Clinical & Spiritual Hypnotherapy, Past Life, and Life Between Lives Regressions. I facilitate and teach all levels of Usui & Angelic Reiki.

I offer long-distance work via Zoom, and I travel Nationally. 

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  • What is a spirit guide? 7:29
  • What is a spiritual download? 12:54 
  • How to connect with our spirit guides 15:33
  • Asking questions through meditation 22:47

What Is A Spirit Guide?

  • What are the different types of spirit guides?
  • Learning how to recognize our spirit guides and ask for guidance
  • Angels as a part of our spirit guide team
  • Understanding different vibrations from our spirit guides

What Is A Spiritual Download?

  • Finding spiritual downloads through meditation
  • Recognizing spiritual downloads in everyday life
  • Understanding that downloads are different for everyone
  • What are to 5 C’s?

 How To Connect With Our Spirit Guides

  • Learning and teaching the different signs of our spirit guides presence
  • What Angel numbers represent
  • Initiating a connection with your spirit guide
  • Recognizing colors when connecting with spirit guides

Asking Questions Through Meditation

  • Becoming familiar with your spirit guides through meditation 
  • Building a relationship with your spirit guides by giving thanks
  • Types of questions to ask your spirit guides
  • What is automatic writing and how to use it to connect with your spirit guides?

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Welcome to today's episode of the holistic counseling podcast. I'm your host, Chris McDonald. If you're a new listener to this podcast, I wanna say welcome as a listener, you have access to my free nine part email course becoming a holistic counselor. In this course, you'll explore different holistic strategies, how to develop your skills as a holistic counselor and how to manifest your holistic practice through journaling.

Go to www. Dot holistic counseling podcast.com. Scroll down, enter your name and email address today. I am happy to bring back a former guest today. Carolyn Shehan, who brought us the benefits of past life regression in episode 34. If you haven't heard that one yet, I highly recommend going back and giving it a listen.

She is back today to help you discover how you can connect with your spear guides. She's a certified master hypnotherapist trainer certified medical Reiki master teacher. An angel intuitive healer with integrative healing incorporated. Welcome back to the holistic counseling podcast, Carolyn.

Carolyn Sheehan: Hi, Chris.

Thank you so much for helping you back. I'm so excited to be here today and talk about one of my favorite subjects.

Chris McDonald: I'm glad we finally made it on to, uh, we had a little bit of technical issues, but we're here. It's okay. Can you tell my listeners, uh, anything new that's happening with you since last time you were on the podcast?

Carolyn Sheehan: Oh, gosh, you know, it's so wonderful. The space that the universe is in at this time, and I like to call it a time of posts and I would love to talk to you about that and you know, all of your listeners, I mean, that's a whole nother, that's a whole other episode to go. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. So, you know, so many people are seeing, um, the negative of what is occurring.

On the planet and you know, more political and all of that stuff, but what's actually happening is, um, People are ascending. People are either getting it or they're not. And so of course, all the people that are listening to your podcast, you are helping to understand this Ascension process, which is so, it's so wonderful to have you able to take them to a safe place.

Understand and learn all these new age, so to speak things that they're now coming in contact with. I think, you know, because of technology, but I think also made people turn. Inward turn inside themselves, inside their homes, you know, spiritually, mentally, physically turning inward. We're now seeing the surge of people like they're getting it, they're understanding it and, and they need help.

They need our help to say, okay, I understand, but I'm not sure what to do with what this new information is that I'm kinda attracting. And I think it's so funny. A lot of my new clients now are they're young, young twenties because all of this cool stuff that you and I talk about on your podcast is all on TikTok.

Now it's all on Instagram.

Chris McDonald: I hear that TikTok every single day I to

Carolyn Sheehan: is huge right now. And, and the young ones are. Oh, you know, and so they are exposed, I would say more to all of the spiritual things that you have on your podcast. You know, it's important for these young kids to have a trusting sounding board to go to because, you know, obviously.

A whole bunch of people that you know, are talking about it, but don't really know what they're talking about. So this is such a safe place to land. And so of course, thank you for your dedication and your knowledge. And so Chris, I thank you.

Chris McDonald: Well, thank you. Yes, definitely. I'm glad we can get the message out there to connect more therapists.

And, and it's such an amazing feeling that as I realize, and talk to listers, you know, across the globe, the impact that this has. So many people that they work with it's that cross, I dunno what the word is pollination, right? Of all the things that we're teaching, then it goes down to the clients that they're they're working with and they start to show some healing and progress.

It's just, Ugh, we're all interconnected and, and how this can for bigger right. Change the planet.

Carolyn Sheehan: right. Yeah. And we are so needed more, more so than. Yeah, it's a great time to be on the planet to help others with their, their processing.

Chris McDonald: And I keep getting that message from a lot of people that this is the time is now for more holistic strategies.

And that's, for some reason, the universe keeps. Bringing that to me too. And I, I really connect with that. I feel like there's so much suffering still in the world. And you know, like you said, there's a lot of negative things, but I do feel there's a shift too, that people are looking more inward, like you mentioned, and really looking at.

What is more than what I've been doing with my life. Where, where else can I turn my attention? Yeah.

Carolyn Sheehan: And so that's why, you know, when you think of COVID, I think that's one of the blessings that came outta it is, you know, people, they didn't have anything else to do, but to go inward. So yes, you know, it caused suffering for so many, but I also can see the upside of it as well.

So, you know, it is what its yeah. Well, I'm glad

Chris McDonald: you can talk about the blessings of it. Cause I think all we hear is the negative, right? It still

Carolyn Sheehan: continues. Yeah, I know. So it's interesting your listeners aware of the harmonic convergence that started in basically that started the return back to the divine.

So we have slowly been over time getting, you know, people are getting more and more. Consciously aware. So yes, it's been, it's been a while. And from what I understand from my research, we still have maybe 20, 30 years left to go, but we are basically going back to our original roots in terms of, you know, crystal healing in terms of.

You know, meditation, um, you know, all the things that used to work back in the day, consciousness awareness. So it's


about, um, spirit does. So many people are interested in spirit guides. They wanna understand what they're and you know how to connect to


Chris McDonald: Yeah. What is the spirit guide? Cause I know people hear that term and it seems very vague and unclear when we think about it. I

Carolyn Sheehan: love that. Yes you are. Right. And so what I like to say is I like to call them well, first of all, I like to call them our spiritual support team.

Everything. And everyone is looked after loved and supported, and our spiritual team are, it's a whole bunch of us, so to speak, I'm using that. I'm doing the quotes us on the other side and their purpose is to help and guide us on this earthly. And they, it can consist of guardian angels, angels park angels.

Ascended masters, um, loved ones, ancestors who have passed over. They're all behind us all the time. And people don't realize that they're there. So of course, all the ones that I just mentioned, they cannot encroach on our free will. So if we don't recognize that they're there or we're not asking for help or guidance, they cannot intervene.

So one. Ones I would like to, well, there's several I'd like to talk about with you today is the one I mentioned about guardian angels. That's the very first group of compan sent down to help. And this angel is your personal guardian angel and they, well, it is my opinion that they come to you at conception.

And they're the ones that they to you from the beginning of our. To our very live breath. So garden angels are with us all the time. They watch over us, they guide us, they nurture us and they personally walk us back to heaven. So, uh, just to let your listeners know, no one dies alone. So the gardens, they have never been human.

They guide, protect and nurture the person's mind, body and spirit. They're only, they're the only spirit beings that can. In human form when somebody gets connected to their guardian angels. And even if you can't just know there and, and they're whether you're invoking or not

that I, I mentioned about arch angels, but arch angels are considered God's most important messengers. And you can invoke them for added help at any time. They're super, super powerful, and they can be many places at the same time. So I know I talk to a lot of clients that say, oh, you know, I don't wanna. I don't wanna bother them.

You know, they're probably busy helping other people, but no, they can be multiple dimensions, multiple places. That's so

Chris McDonald: interesting cuz I think, geez, if I call on Arjo Michael, is, is he gonna be somewhere else? Or if I call on him is how is somebody and India

Carolyn Sheehan: gonna call him? I love it. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you.

Yeah, they can be all places. At all times, but again, one of the most important things that I keep reiterating on your call today is cannot help unless we, for their help encroach. So most people just to ask and stories about people that are at their wits end and they're on their hands and needs. And. You know, begging, but it doesn't get to that point.

Just form a relationship with, you know, if you're not picking one, then just say my guardian is, or my you help me. And all of our electronic issues that we have

Chris McDonald: finally, they, they came through for us. Amen.

Carolyn Sheehan: um, well, you know, like technology, so a lot of times, you know, short circuit things and, and that kinda thing, and we had that experience today. So, but I love that we were able to just go with it. So, Chris, what I would love to talk about. Angels. They're also a part of our spirit guide team. Yes. Angels let's hear about.

Yeah, yeah. Yeah. They have never had an earthbound experience. They're on divine assignment from God, us around the clock, again, from the beginning to the end of our lives to influence us every day. And again, just like the arch angels. They can be many places at the same time. So again, Think you're bothering them.

They have a high vibration, more so than the guide, since they're so close to God, they're easy to connect with. They do not offer advice or instruction, but I can tell you that I do get download, and I'm not sure where the downloads come from, whether it be the angels, the arch angels, or the masters that, you know, they will, you know, one of those either guiding angels angel.

Angels, the masters loved ones passed over. Someone will give you a download of, this is what you need to do if you are asking for help.

Chris McDonald: And when you say download, is it words in a message or is it symbols? What is the download? Um,

Carolyn Sheehan: so the download for people. So everybody's kinda different. Downloads happen really, uh, nicely in the people who do meditation and, you know, meditation doesn't have to be sitting in a room for two hours.

It can be a two minute meditation in a corner of, or closet of your room. You know, doesn't. Have to have all the bells and whistles that some people think it has to have. So a download a lot of downloads come in meditation, but it can also come from a dream. It can also just be when you're driving down the street and you're like, oh wow, okay.

I never thought of that before. So everyone is different the way they receive their downloads. Does that make sense? Yeah.

Chris McDonald: So it could be for some people they might have images or some people might have words or something that you all of a sudden comes in your

Carolyn Sheehan: mind. And yes. And so I'm brought that for quick second to, I was about download, come through CS.

So some people may have a clear sentience, which means you have a feeling or some people may have clear Voyance, which means you have like a clear seeing. Some people may have a clear audience where you just hear a voice in your ear. Some people have that, uh, clear NCE, um, which is smelling. You may have the smell.

Some people have the clear goin, which is the taste without putting anything in your mouth. Or some people are clear. Which means, like you just have a clear knowing. So for me personally, and everyone's gonna be different depending on you know, where you are in your process. But for me, I can feel my spirit guides team go down the back of my neck and down through my arms.

I like to call them my God bumps or my goosebumps. I also have a clear knowing and a feeling when they're around most of the time during a rain treatment when it's high vibe in the room, which makes sense because. When you're in meditation, you're in a high vibe. So that's when you can connect with them.

Uh, some develop a relationship over time and some, it happens very quickly. It just really depends on where you in your, in your process and what you, what your goals are. So is

Chris McDonald: there other ways we can connect with them instead of just saying that I wanna connect. My spirit guides or angels.

Carolyn Sheehan: Yeah. So, great question, Chris.


guides are consciousness form. So we can have a relationship with them. They are expression of love and light. They usually do not come in as people form just because people wanna see them. I mean, some people see them as people form, but it's not usually that way. And just. For your listeners to know we are our own teacher and we have the power within us to connect with them.

Some just are not open to it. So they kinda ignore the signs or the messages. And so I love your question about how do we connect and I want your listeners to know, just make it fun. Look for the signs, look for the numbers. That that's a fun way to. Start the process. Of course everyone. Well, most people they can see, you know, a feather, a feather is a beautiful, uh, message from spirit guides, letting you know, as a matter of fact, you know, every time I go for a walk, a hike, I receive a feather for a message, and I've now picked them all up and I have a little collection of feathers.

So another fun way and want your listeners to just make it, you know, hold fantastic vibration. So tell me, Chris, do I have a few minutes to talk about angel numbers? Yeah, go ahead. Awesome. OK. So the number zero is about God, the whole, the universe, whatever your listeners like to call their, the voodoo, what you know, whatever word they use.

And then the, the number one is about one list. I'm sure. You and all your listeners many, see, you know that 1, 1, 1 all day, every day. And so the one is, is a great one to connect with the one of us all. And the number two, if you see the number two or the two, it's all about you and others. Relationships or someone else.

And then the number three, if you see three or three through three, or if you have. You know, three people in a class or three people going out to dinner, that's aligned with the divine and your relationship to something else. So if you think about things like, you know, the holy Trinity or the Hindu Trinity, or the Christian Trinity, or the.

Triple phases of the goddess, or if you even think of affirmations, everything is said few times. So that's, what's kinda cool about the number three and then the number four is all about communication on all levels. So I have a great teacher who wakes up every morning. Um, at 4:44 AM and she gets her angel downloads and the, her angels communicate with her every morning at 4:44 AM.

Wow. So I would, I would not like that. Neither is about communication is about action and adventure. So that requires you to put something in kinda excitement. So it could be. You know, when you're getting ready for something or perhaps when you need to have some action, adventure, six is all about balancing, scaling something that, uh, which is so interesting.

Course. I know you probably know. And your listeners think you. That's the bad number. Yeah. Yeah. And so this is kinda information that from the Roman empire Caesar, his secret, in order to secret, they would call him six didn't want to be able to call him by name. So it was like a cohort population. You know, so it's not, it's not something bad.

It's just about balancing, scaling something back. Like if somebody's working too much or. You know, whatever, if you see six, six it's, it's not it's not the devil just remember was a code. And then the number seven, the magic number seven. You're manifesting. So great number contact with the number eight.

Something unfolding some kinda journey. And the number nine is the divine feminine goddess energy coming in. That's just a fun tidbit for people to know, because when they know about it, then all of a sudden everything's like, I love it. And I'm sure Chris, you get the same thing. Like, you'll get a text.

Right. You at 5 55 and you'll be like, oh wow, that's an action and adventure . And so it just kinda lightens things up and

Chris McDonald: makes it. Yeah, no, I hear that. And I don't know about you, but sometimes I feel like a tingling energy too. If, if I can feel their presence where I'm at. Yeah. Or if I call on them and, and I find that, I don't know if this is true or not, but with meditation, I feel like I can connect with them more.

Carolyn Sheehan: Is that true? I agree. I agree. Yeah, because you're giving the. To them. And that's really, you know, it's having a relationship, you know, one of your best friends, having a relationship with all those people that support on the other side. So I, and it's so cool. Another way to connect to. When people invoke prayers, you know, you have a specific invocation when you call in the invocation.

And if you call in the angels lately, I've been taking photos of my room when I do that. Oh. And you'll actually see. See the photos of the guides in the room with things. So I know we don't have that capability of me sharing those photos. That's really cool. Yeah. But any, like anyone can do it, especially with all the zoom calls that we do now, I'll do an before I meet with a.

And all of a sudden they show their quote, unquote, their light and so nice. Each angel has a different color. So, you know, you'll see a purple flame or you'll see a green a, or you'll see, you know, a Michael and his beautiful cot blue. And that has been really, really, really fun for me because I wasn't doing things on zoom before.

COVID. Now I do it. And then I take photos of it and I send the picture to the client to say, Hey, look, this is who was

Chris McDonald: here. very cool. That's so fun too. Like you said, keeping it lighthearted. And, but I just wanted to ask you about sometimes when I've done meditations and if I wanted to. Have an answer to a question.

Sometimes I would ask a question and just meditate on it and just open my mind and wait for an answer. And I don't know if that's the angels, but sometimes I'll just get an answer. I'll get something in my head about what I should

Carolyn Sheehan: do. exactly. Chris you're spot on. So what I would call if you're not exactly sure who it is.

Yeah. Just thank, thank your spirit team. OK. And then the more you work with them, the more you you'll become familiar with. Oh, I know who that was. Thank you for saying that because the more you talk to your spirit team, the more blessing they'll give you. And then the, just make sure you thank and bless them.

And the more you and them, the more they'll give you. Oh, it's just, it's a relationship's, you know, it's, it's a friendship that you're cultivating over time. What are

Chris McDonald: some things that listeners could ask for help with?

Carolyn Sheehan: Great question. I think people could, you know, one of the big things is asking for divine guidance and, you know, perhaps some big changes that they have where they can't make a decision on.

On their own. So that's what they're there to do is they're there to help us in terms of, you know, whether it be a monetary issue or a move issue or a career change. All of a sudden, if you're asking your spirit team for help, you know, a book is gonna drop down in front of their feet, or, you know, they're gonna get a phone call from somebody or they're.

You know, have some Facebook popup page come up and say, you know, this is what you need to do next, but again, reiterating they can't help. We ask the more, the more, the more we, the more give, answer your question.

Chris McDonald: Yeah, no, definitely. And I just wanna say something as a therapist, too, that I've asked for help when I work with some difficult clients.

to be honest. Nice. And it's been wonderful. Cause I'll I do that meditation thing where I ask a question or, and I'm not sure if this is me coming through or the angels. If I write down a question and just free write and sometimes I'll get answers, Chris.

Carolyn Sheehan: It's so awesome. I'm so glad that you brought that up.

Yeah. It's powerful. Automatic writing,

Chris McDonald: automatic writing. That's what

Carolyn Sheehan: it's called. Yeah, that is so, so, so powerful and super powerful. And every time we work with these guides, it comes from your heart. So I want people to not overthink it. So the way you're describing automatic writing is you're putting your ego aside.

Yes. And you're just. You're just you're writing from the heart and they they're channeling through your heart, to the paper and pen. So thank you. That is so awesome that you brought that up. Yeah. And it's so

Chris McDonald: powerful, but I think it's hard for people to do sometimes cuz then they start questioning it and getting in the way and, or it's difficult for some people just to write and just write and not.

Right. Properly grammar.

Carolyn Sheehan: grammar wise. Yeah. You're absolutely right. And they don't care exactly. They don't care if our misspellings or grammatical errors. Yeah, just right. Just do it. And, and I think to your point, Chris, going out in nature and sitting on a rock. And doing automatic writing is huge. Oh, that's a good idea.

It's so, yeah, it's so beneficial. You're, you know, you're in nature, everything in nature is talking to you. And so that just keeps it up. Yeah, no, that's powerful. And of course, you know, you know, all these things that we are doing, you know, meditation, automatic writing, connecting with our. You know, if you, anybody wants to kick it up notch, you can always add crystals to your practice, which, you know, just enhances everything.

And how would you use crystals for that? So you can put some crystals on your, in terms of like, if you're lying down and you're doing meditation and you would like an answer to one of your questions that you have on your heart, and you can always put. Crystal on your third eye, uh, when you open your third eye, you're open to divine guidance.

So that's, that's another way that people doing it. So that's, that's another rabbit hole. That's a,

I also just want to mention, uh, I mentioned at the beginning, that spirits consist of our entire spiritual. It's the guardian angels arch angels. It's the angels, it's the ascended masters. And it's also loved ones. Ancestors who have passed over. So I just wanted touch on, um, what the masters are. Not many people understand the masters are the, are actually people who walked on the.

They are enlightened being people like Jesus, people like the Budha, but it's also people like Maya, Angelo. It's also people like there's. So I literally S of masters. Who now offer their intelligence to the world. So when I work with clients, somebody who is music,

them to invoke in that area to come and. With this person, as they're sitting at their piano, I know obviously Tony Robbs hasn't passed yet, but so you can do it even with people who have not passed. So if I see clients who have fear of public speaking, I will have them call in the Tony Robbs. Or I'll have them pick their own avatar.

You can call in and ask for help and guidance from people who masters, who have passed over or masters who are still here living on the planet so that we can help in our life purpose. They're there to help us. Um, and I do that with my Reiki work. I'll ask, you know, for my, um, Dr. Dr to put hands on my hands and I can instantly there with, so if you're, if anybody ever struggling with something, you know, pick an avatar and call that avatar in and they are there

Chris McDonald: to help you.

I know you mentioned invoking. How do you invoke, is there certain words that you use or how do you phrase

Carolyn Sheehan: it? Yeah, so invocation is some people like to do it before meditation. You wanna call in, you know, everything from the light because where there's light, there can be no darkness. So you wanna make sure that you receiving messages from the, like, I always start an invocation or actually I.

Before I even get outta bed, wrapping myself around, um, with a white light around me, 20 feet around me. And. Bring the white light inside me so that there's no darkness that can come to me throughout the day. And just, just to make, you know, something funny, I don't really have anything against Walmart, but, you know, and when you go in these places, you wanna make sure that you are shielded and protected.


Chris McDonald: I think in public, in general,

Carolyn Sheehan: although, you know, Go into cemeteries. Um, going into a bar, you wanna make sure that you're just protected in general. So starting it like that. And then the invocation can be something simple as. You know, have something for my best and highest good come into this meditation, you know, whatever fits that.

Person's prayer, invocation. It's kinda the same thing. Have a particular one that I use every day and, you know, people, can it go along great question.

Chris McDonald: Yeah. So people can make their own and see what

Carolyn Sheehan: resonates. Yeah. And, um, as long as you're calling in your best and highest. You're calling in the white light, you are protecting your space, you know, which is really valuable in terms of even thinking about, you know, your workspace, make sure your workspace is high.

Chris McDonald: Yes. And creating one before counseling people, because you there's so much energy there that can attach or dark energy that could be brought to a session. So protecting yourself is

Carolyn Sheehan: important. Absolutely. Chris, you are the spot on right there and. Of course being sure to cut your energetic cords. Yes.

Between each client is, is huge. I see so many people, you know, massage therapists come in and I can just see all of their clients to,

Chris McDonald: yeah. We have a whole episode on cutting energetic

Carolyn Sheehan: cords too. Yeah, I hear you. I love that. It's the same deal for sure.

Chris McDonald: I. Do I do that too? After every session, cuz yeah, especially, you know that you still have a cord when somebody, you, they keep coming up in your mind.

Carolyn Sheehan: I love that. Yeah. That's awesome.

Chris McDonald: And we're high risk as mental health therapists. so

Carolyn Sheehan: yes, unfortunately. Yes. .

Chris McDonald: Oh my goodness. Yes. OK. Was there anything else you wanted to share before we

Carolyn Sheehan: end today? So if anyone wants some, you know, really good resources, of course they can. You know, contact me. I have a great resource list of authors and, you know, podcasts and things like that.

If they wanna learn more about it. But I think one of the things I just wanted to mention real quick is I think we touched on how can people start working with yes, their spirit team. A very simple thing to do is a simple statement. Like I am willing to have a positive experience. Or thank you angels for reminding me of your presence.

It can be as simple. Yeah. Yeah. If you make things difficult, people just won't. So like it's than saying. Hey, can you give a sign?

Chris McDonald: Exactly.

Carolyn Sheehan: That's I have resources and also have a zoom meditation coming up on July 27th. How to meet your spirit guys from six 30 to eight 30 July. It's it's so much fun. Meditation experience is helpful, but not required. And then everyone will receive it's me guiding you live on zoom and people get so much out it not only that night, but.

For, you know, many days. Yeah. After, do you ever, do you ever record those and make them yeah, so I record them. Yeah. I record them. It's on zoom. I record them and some people join up or sign up, but are not able to join. So I just send them nice. Um, the recording, I think it's. 39 or 40 for those two hours. So that's kinda fun.

Very cool.

Chris McDonald: Well, what's the best way for listeners to find you and

Carolyn Sheehan: learn more about you? Um, so the contact, my website, www Inc. Com my email is WW integrative. Honestly, I have tell contact

you're very, um, uh, because the emails there's just too many, too many. I hear you. Things get lost too. Yeah. Things get lost. Um, so honestly, if you. Uh, direct response. That's the best way. Um, but also on my website, there is links to, if you wanna join, meet my spirit guides, uh, you can do it via my website.

It's an acuity link. You just sign up and pay there. Well, thank you so

Chris McDonald: much for coming on the podcast again, Carolyn, this has been great.

Carolyn Sheehan: Oh, I always enjoy spending time with you. Yes, Chris. Um, you know, We could talk for hours. I know. I appreciate listeners are like, please. Don't.

Spending time with you and you've

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The Art of Breath:  How to Integrate Breathwork Techniques for Effective Therapy Sessions 

Have you been wanting to integrate breathwork into your sessions but are unsure how?   Or maybe you want to refine your technique? Join me on a remarkable journey as we delve into breathwork techniques and how to integrate them safely and ethically into sessions. 

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