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Chris McDonald

Chris McDonald - Holistic Counseling Podcast Host Practicing Yoga

Chris McDonald is a Licensed Holistic Therapist with a group virtual practice, “Path to Hope Counseling” in North Carolina. She is a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher and offers gentle yoga to clients in session, workshops and private yoga sessions.

She specializes in treatment of anxiety, depression, trauma and grief in young adults in transition. She teaches clients  trauma informed yoga, meditation and Brainspotting.   Chris also offers Therapy for Therapists and wrote the book “Self-Care for the Counselor.”

She is passionate about helping other Mental Health Therapists and created “The Holistic Counseling Podcast” in April 2021. Her favorite holistic daily routines include yoga and meditation.

Answering the call to build your holistic practice

The Holistic Counseling Podcast hosted by Chris McDonald, a Licensed Therapist, and is for Therapists who want to deepen their knowledge of holistic modalities and build their practice with confidence.  She challenges Therapists to take the journey within to discover what holistic strategies they connect with and begin integrating into their practice.
If you’re a Mental Health Therapist looking for the most up-to-date holistic treatments and wanting to learn the best practices for using them in treatment, The Holistic Counseling Podcast is for you! Chris helps you take your practice to the next level with a thriving holistic counseling practice that you can offer with confidence.

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Podcast Reviews From Listeners Like You

The podcast is like the spiritual love child of my favorite podcasts the Practice of the Practice and Super Soul Sunday.  Thank you so much. Only discovered it recently and have already felt so supported.  

Excited to learn what a robust embrace of holistic mental health there is lately.  I especially loved episode 40 How Thoughts Become Reality with Cassidy Rey and continue to be inspired by her on IG.  Joanna Sapir’s episode on marketing a holistic practice literally helped inform an intake that day, which resulted in welcoming my ideal client to my practice.

I’ve been a Reiki Master since 2000 and started reading Tarot in 1999, but there was such little understanding and awareness. I only “came out’ with these alternative offerings for my otherwise classical psychotherapy practice a few years ago.  

It’s really nice to feel like I’m not alone in encouraging my clients deepen their spiritual connectivity while also offering traditional mental health guidance.

Jen Ariel

Love this podcast!!  As a group practice owner, I am always grateful to have a podcast to point my clinicians to in order to learn about integrating holistic modalities.  Chris does such a great job at breaking it down and giving practical ideas on how to not only integrate these practices into your practice, but also into your own life.  She is enjoyable to listen too and has a friendly, welcoming energy.

Dawng Gabriel

As a Retired Holistic Psychotherapist myself, I’m always thrilled to see the conversation of holistic therapies being made available far and wide. I’m honored and grateful to be invited as a guest on Chris’ podcast and for her willingness to focus on holistic modalities and have the voices of many guests who can validate perspectives beyond the mainstream.  This is necessary and helpful for us as clinicians and also the healing of our clients.