Episode 65 Journaling: Meditation For The Busy Mind: Interview With Jennifer Convissor

Jun 1, 2022

Can you achieve overall wellness and enhance your well-being with journaling? How to make connections and use journaling as a self-healing tool? 

MEET Jennifer Convissor

Jennifer Convissor is an LCSW and Reiki master with LiveWork Solutions, a psychotherapy practice licensed in NY, CT & SC. She’s been journaling for over 30 years and loves helping people find The Write Balance between journaling and holistic mental health. In 2021, she published Journaling for Non-Journalers: Your expert guide to creating a journaling practice that works for you, which mixes the science of habit formation, with guided journaling exercises and a comprehensive overview of the beginner, intermediate and advanced benefits of this versatile self-healing tool. She teaches a variety of workshops, webinars, and online courses, for a general audience and for other mental health professionals. She’s also a proud mama of two cool kids, a singer-songwriter, rabid crafter, and vegan ice-cream sundae artist.


Find out more at Live Work Solutions and connect with Jennifer on Instagram and Pinterest.


  • How to get started in journaling 4:19
  • Different types of journaling 9:57
  • Planning your journaling schedule 18:00
  • Benefits of Journaling 22:40

How To Get Started In Journaling

  • Techniques to get started journaling
  • Refocusing with lists
  • The best tools for journaling
  • What is a non-narrative form of journaling?

Different Types of Journaling

  • What is process journaling?
  • Using gratitude journaling to retrain your brain with positivity
  • How to start a dream journal
  • Creating a manifestation journal

Planning Your Journaling Schedule

  • Getting rid of barriers that are stopping you from journaling
  • Using journaling as mindful meditation

Benefits of Journaling

  • Dealing with difficult situations with journaling techniques
  • How to use journaling to make connections with your triggers and how you interact with others
  • Practicing self-compassion
  • Integrating journaling into your practice


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-Find out more about Jennifer on Live Work Solutions and connect with Jennifer on Instagram and Pinterest.

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