Episode 63 How To Successfully Navigate Major Transitions in your Practice: Interview With Michelle Hardman

May 18, 2022

Are you facing a major transition in your practice? What should you expect when making these big changes?

MEET Michelle Hardman

I am a “unicorn” in the clinical world – with an MBA in strategic management AND as a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor/Private Practice owner – I’m kinda unique!! Plus, as a Certified Daring Way Facilitator, teaching curricula based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown, my business coaching and productivity tools incorporate powerful components of this body of work. 

I am SO passionate about helping you FLOURISH because I KNOW you went into private practice with your own passion for creating a healing space for others!! 

I coach clinicians, just like you, with a vales-based approach to business ensuring your practice’s marketing and branding efforts are authentic and effective! This way, you can be sure to attract YOUR ideal clients and build a thriving practice you love.

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  • Micro vs. macro transitions in your business? 2:22
  • How grief is part of a transitional process 7:38
  • Strategies for dealing with transition  16:57
  • Breaking down difficult transitions into stages 23:36

Micro vs. Macro Transitions in your Business

  • Unexpected transitions and learning a new skill set to overcome a shift in your life or business
  • Examining the whole health of your business
  • Dealing with comparing yourself to others when going through difficult transitions

How Grief is Part of a Transitional Process

  • Understanding that adding something to your life or business, that we are inevitably letting something go
  • Honoring and giving space for grief as we move through transitions
  • Focusing on self-compassion when dealing with grief

Strategies For Dealing With Transition

  • Recognizing your body’s response to stress and becoming aware of what is causing it
  • Finding the support within your field for dealing with the pressure of change 

Breaking Down Difficult Transitions Into Stages

  • Understanding what you can do on a day to day basis to make change manageable
  • Giving yourself permission to make changes in stages and giving yourself a reasonable timeline to make these changes

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-Find out more about Michelle on The Primed Practice and connect with Michelle on Facebook and Instagram

-Necessary Endings by Harry Cloud 

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