Episode 61 Elevate your Self-Care by Hiring a VA: Interview with Cindy Molder

May 4, 2022

Does your mental health practice have systems in place, so you, as a provider can focus on your clients? Do you have time to grow and scale your business and still have time freedom?


Cindy Molder, the owner of Therapy Practice Solutions, has a vision for a Virtual Assistant company that specializes in mental health. Her goal is to train and equip women in order to provide professional, personal service to practices, providers, and clients.

One of her greatest joys is to meet potential clients and once they are a part of the TPS team, to serve them wholeheartedly alongside the Virtual Assistants with Therapy Practice Solutions. TPS now has VAs and clients nationwide.

She grew up in Shelbyville, TN, and is married to her high school sweetheart. They have two grown sons, a daughter-in-love, and twin grandsons. She has lived in TN, AL, NC, FL, and OK.

Cindy says, “living in a variety of locations gives her a deeper understanding of diverse religions, races, lifestyles, sexual identities, and cultures.” Her best-kept secret, she is a lifelong NASCAR and auto racing fan. 

I like to include a holistic “takeaway” for my listeners, this could be as simple as an affirmation, advice, encouraging words, or a handout (anything really) What is something you would like to share as a Holistic Takeaway?

No matter what size of practice or how many tasks you need to be completed, there is wisdom and great value in finding assistance and support in all administrative aspects of your practice. 

 Find out more at www.therapypracticesolutions.com and connect with Kristine on Facebook and Instagram.


  • What services are provided by a Virtual Assistant? 9:15
  • Specialized Virtual Assistant training 15:23
  • Therapist self-care 21:33
  • Value of having a Virtual Assistant 28:35

Specialized VA Services

  • Setting up, refining, and getting systems in place so you can better serve your clients
  • Verify eligibility and benefits
  • Insurance liaison
  • Advocate for providers and clients

Virtual Assistant Training

  • Specialized VA training for handling difficult situations
  • Provider training on all EHR systems
  • Insurance, callback, and systems training

Practicing Self Care As a Therapist

  • How giving therapists the gift of time as well as giving their entrepreneurial side time to work on other aspects of their business is imperative to functioning well and fully in this line of work.

Value of Having a Virtual Assistant

  • Consider the ROI of having a VA and understand the importance of budgeting and planning this into your yearly business plan.
  • Finding a virtual assistant solution that will customize a plan that works for you and your practice and fits your budget
  • Hiring a Virtual Assistant company vs. hiring an onsite employee

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Find out more about Therapy Practice Solutions and connect with Cindy on Facebook and Instagram

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