Episode 172 The Ethics of Integrating AI into Holistic Private Practice: Interview With Kym Tolson

Mar 13, 2024

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What are the ethical considerations when integrating AI into holistic private practice? How can AI help you in your practice while still prioritizing your client’s well-being?

MEET Kym Tolson

Kym Tolson is a digital nomad and seasoned therapist who combines her zest for travel with her quest to enhance the therapy landscape through her communities like “Bill Like A Boss” and “The Traveling Therapist” Facebook community. These platforms offer invaluable resources for insurance-based therapists and those balancing work with wanderlust. Kym’s pioneering work also includes the “Clinical AI Club,” where she merges AI with therapeutic practices, shaping a future where technology and mental health care evolve hand in hand.

Find out more at Clinical AI Club and connect with Kym on Facebook

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  • What is Artificial Intelligence? 5:03
  • What are some of the dangers of using AI? 14:21

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

  • What is ChatGPT?
  • How to integrate AI into your administrative tasks
  • Creating treatment plans for your clients
  • AI for marketing

What Are Some Of The Dangers Of Using AI?

  • The importance of informed consent
  • What is HIPAA compliance?
  • Fairness and equity when using AI in practice
  • What is “Open Source,” when it comes to your data privacy?
  • How to use AI effectively

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Find out more at Clinical AI Club and connect with Kym on Facebook

FREE: Unlock the Future of Private Practice with AI

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