Episode 14 Live Consultation with Jadi Fergen

Jun 9, 2021

What are some top marketing tips that can help you to expand your client base? How can Google My Business help you to grow your business?


Jadi Fergen is a counselor and the owner of a private pay group practice named Altitude Counseling. They are located in Colorado Springs, CO.

They offer a collaborative approach to healing.

Visit her website.


  • Tips on marketing a holistic group practice
  • SEO and online marketing


1: What is the pain point that you speak to within your clients?

This is an important first step to take because it is very clear on what you provide to your clients in order to help them on their healing journey that you make important business decisions.

2: What is it about your group practice that makes it holistic?

What are some specific modalities that you offer, or an approach to counseling and healing, that is unique to you and to your group practice?

3: Encourage your practitioners to market themselves

Encourage your therapists to market themselves as well, to put their unique skillsets forward, so that the group practice and each therapist involved is marketed to their ideal clients.

4: Connect with other health practitioners

As a holistic group practice that offers therapy with a multitude of other modalities, it is always a good idea to network, and to become business acquaintances with other medical centers around you that could be places where your ideal client may go it.

One thing I found with marketing my practice as a holistic practice … as far as marketing goes, I always try to look at where do they turn to for people that I may be connecting with … I do connect a lot with other holistic providers in the area. (Chris McDonald)

Networking is also a good way to encourage other medical centers to refer patients to you for therapy.

By building relationships with other medical centers around your business, you foster a mutually beneficial relationship where you can both refer out to one another if and when needed.

Building those relationships with other therapists … I would just focus on that because that brought me the most referrals because we all connect with these other therapists in the area … especially people who are just like us because when they get full, and you have a dip, then they can refer to you and vice versa. (Chris McDonald)


Working on your online marketing can bring in a lot of potential clients and works passively for you online:

  • SEO
  • Google My Business

Use Google My Business and place content for your business on there so that Google can see that you are active and can then make your website more visible.

Ask your clients to give you reviews on Google as well, as this all adds to building your online presence and visibility.

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