Episode 139 You Are Not Too WooWoo: Holistic Short By Chris McDonald

Aug 23, 2023

How can you be more open about embracing certain holistic practices? Can fear hold you back from fully sharing your holistic knowledge with others?

In this holistic short, I will discuss the common fears that therapists have when sharing holistic practices and ways to overcome them and fully embrace your holistic journey.

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The Art of Breath: How to Integrate Breath Work Techniques for Effective Therapy Sessions


Chris McDonald: If you've ever felt hesitant about embracing holistic practices or worried about being perceived as too woo woo, this episode is for you. I'm here to remind you that you are not alone as a holistic therapist or other holistic provider, and you are absolutely allowed to take up the space you deserve.

Let's get to it on this episode of the Holistic Counseling Podcast. This is Holistic Counseling, the podcast for mental health therapists who want to deepen their knowledge of holistic modalities and build their practice with confidence. I'm your host, Chris McDonald, licensed therapist. I am so glad you're here for the journey.

Welcome to today's episode of the Holistic Counseling Podcast. This is a holistic short episode, which is a solo one where you're only going to hear me. I'm not interviewing anybody and it's 10 minutes or less. So this is a great one if you still want to tune in and learn something holistic minded or you're just short on time and wanting to hang out with me.

Which is awesome. So question for you, are you holding yourself back from fully sharing all your holistic practices with the world for fear of judgment, ridicule, or just a fear of being labeled as maybe overly mystical, unprofessional, or even worse? Well, today it's time to break down those barriers. Our holistic journey should be reflection of our authentic selves.

And I'm here to tell you. That you are not too woo woo. So no matter how many practices you're using holistic wise, no matter what you believe in, you can be you and that's so important. But I think we gotta step back for a minute and just remind ourselves that, yes, not everyone is open to holistic practices.

And that's okay. So we don't want to judge them, other people, who may not be open like we are. Because that kind of puts us down to their level for those that are calling names and judging. So, I think just, Getting to that place of acceptance that maybe they have not had experiences, a little reframe there, that we have with holistic practices, they haven't learned anything about them other than something they've seen quickly on TikTok, I think just try to find that compassion and understanding, even if they are putting down what you believe in, because I know it's so hard if you're like me, you believe this to the core and you're so passionate about all the things that you've learned so far and are just Yearning to learn more and go to more trainings and how can you help yourself grow?

How can you help other people grow and learn and heal? So when somebody says something that's insulting, like I've heard yoga poses are created to summon demons. I'm sorry, I can't say it without laughing or they're from the devil. You know, I've heard those kinds of things. Being in the Bible belt can be a little challenging and it's hard to sit back and not say anything or to want to jump in and, and challenge too hard.

But I think just reminding ourselves, remembering that maybe they don't have the experience we have and we shouldn't judge them. I think that's the moral of the story. Right. But I wonder too. Do you have a holistic community, whether that's through yoga, maybe you go to a studio and have a group you hang out with, or maybe it's a meditation group.

But if you don't have your tribe and you're feeling isolated and alone, just know you're not alone, that that could be an intention for you to put out into the universe. Let me find my tribe. How can I find my holistic community? I have not always had mine either. When I first started this journey with this podcast, I.

Didn't know even know many other therapists that were holistic. It's really frustrating. I have a few family members and friends that like some of these practices, but they're not as passionate as you know I am and you know, this is body mind spirit for me to the core So some people, you know might see my office and be like, oh, yeah, she likes yoga and that's it, right?

They don't quite understand or they'll say things like which I hate I'm not flexible, which so much more to yoga than that. So yeah, that's a struggle, but finding your peeps, who are the people that you can connect with other holistic providers. And that's another reason I created my holistic counseling and self care free Facebook group.

If you haven't joined, please come join us and it's for licensed therapists, or if you're in school to studying to be one, you're welcome to come as well. Cause what I've found is people who are more holistic are more open minded. They are usually so engaging. That's why I love having holistic people on my podcast.

They're just energize. I just feel like this burst of energy. Cause it's just, I guess it's that alignment piece. You have to find people who are aligned with you and your beliefs and just to feel. that connection and understanding, right? It's going to help you to be able to accept who you are, right? And that realizing that you are not too woo woo, no matter how many holistic practices you like to do, it's okay.

It's okay to have multiple things that you're studying and learning and making these part of your daily life. Cause I think that's the key, isn't it? It's not just, most of us aren't just doing this professionally. It's just something we do in our personal lives. So it's integrated fully. And every part of ourselves, body, mind, and spirit, and it's okay to share these practices, but I have a challenge for you.

So let's get the conversations going. So finding people in your life, I always challenge you to find the most difficult person that is not open to holistic practices and just ask them some questions. So what do you know about film the blank, whatever holistic practice, would you be willing to learn a little more?

And if you're able to teach them some of what, you know, That's the best way. Like, for example, with energy healing, maybe you could send them some healing and see how they feel. I've done this with my husband a lot, who's not the most holistic person, but he's noticed a difference even with that. And he's become a little more open minded or just sharing how it's been helpful for you.

Let me just share this with you. And I love it so much. And I've been more vulnerable with this too, and sharing more with people because it's An energy I want to share and I want other people to experience it too and to maybe this could spark some other people. Maybe this could help us to overcome the stigma of holistic practices.

I think just allowing yourself to authentically be you. We need more holistic practices in this world, don't we? So we need to find more healing than traditional medicine. is not enough. There is more out there and people need to hear from you. They need to find other ways to heal themselves, to grow in this world, to have something else to believe in.

And just remember you are allowed to stand tall, to take up space and not hide in the shadows anymore. No matter how many people have shared that they don't agree with your practices or


Chris McDonald: put you down in some way, you're too woo woo, quote unquote, just don't accept that. Continue to stand in your strength, your resilience, and just allow that to slide off of you.

And I know it's hard for me too, especially when you see the positive results and how powerful it can be. And just remind yourself, I am allowed. To be here, and say it to yourself again, I am allowed to be here and to take up space and to be present and to share with the world. So how can you step into the light and really come out and be authentically you, your holistic self and remind yourself you're not too woo woo, no such thing.

Now, even if somebody says that to you, that's just out there, that's too woo woo. Well, what does that mean? Really kind of questioning them. And remember, the more you can share who you are, the more it encourages others to do the same. That's the beauty, isn't it? That opening up, maybe others will open up too.

And we can have more of these conversations and bring more of this light and love into the world with these practices and just be proud of all that you've learned and how many people you've helped. And it's just, we got to give ourselves more credit for this too. And just know. That you are making a difference with what you're doing.

It's easy to forget as a therapist, I know. Sometimes it's a thankless job. So sometimes it's got to come from within us, right? I hope you found this conversation helpful. And just a reminder, my Art of Breathwork course is 90 minutes and available on replay. Continuing education credits from NBCC are now available.

I have found breathwork to be one of the most powerful holistic modalities that therapists can use in session. And through the training, you'll be learning how to facilitate breathwork with your clients safely and ethically, so you can help them deepen their healing. So join me on this remarkable journey.

As we delve into breathwork techniques, you'll earn 1. 5 credit hours for this. Go to hcpodcast. org forward slash breathwork course. That's hcpodcast. org forward slash Breathwork course. And once again, this is Chris McDonald sending each one of you much light and love till next time. Take care.

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