What are Energetic Cords and How to Cut them, Interview with Michele Lundstrom

Dec 29, 2021

What is an energetic cord? Can energetic cords become harmful if left alone? How can you clear and cut energetic cords from yourself?


Michele Lundstrom is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in private practice and an intuitive empath. She is also a Shamanic practitioner, Certified Advanced Chakredy® Practitioner, Reiki Master, Empath Coach, Teacher, and Energy artist.  Michele provides intuitive readings through your subtle energy (the chakras) to help identify and prioritize what your energy wants to bring to your awareness; as well as energetic imbalances and direct channeled healing energy to the chakras. She is a carrier of lightning medicine since she was struck by lightning a few years ago.

​Michele also offers coaching for empaths and intuitive medical and mental health professionals.

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  • What is an energetic cord?
  • Negative and positive cords
  • Cutting energetic cords
  • Setting energetic boundaries

What is an energetic cord?

Mainstream speech already contains expressions such as “no strings attached” or “cut the ties”, so the ideas of energetic cords are already known to people.

People can “attach” energetically to someone in a good or a bad way, drawing and giving good or bad energy to them.

As a therapist, you may be corded into someone, or someone may have corded into you if you are constantly thinking about them outside of the therapy room. If you are stuck in a running loop thinking about a person, there is a high chance of an energy cord between you two.

Negative and positive cords

Sometimes we cord in because we really want to take care of them. As therapists we’re very nurturing people … [parents] do this all the time. When a child is young, they need to be corded into us in order to feel secure … but around the age of 10 or 12, this can start to create problems. (Michele Lundstrom)

If a child is healthy, secure, and confident enough in themselves, they will start pulling away from their parent. The parent can then care for them emotionally and give them love and encourage their autonomy.

In an unhealthy relationship, this cord would turn into manipulation and control for the parent to keep their child close. This dynamic is present in romantic relationships as well.

Cutting energetic cords

Intention is the powerhouse of clearing cords, because if your intention is [rooted] in, “I have my autonomy, this is my body, this is my energetic field”, … the intention combined with the amazing properties of that stone will help you to clear those. (Michele Lundstrom)

You can practice cutting energetic cords by:

– intentional meditation

– using crystals

– speaking out and confirming the boundaries of your energetic field

Setting energetic boundaries

Start with your intention and your belief system, which could be in God, Source, the Divine, the universe; all of these can work.

Create a sort of barrier around yourself with energy that comes from a source, such as your religion, beliefs, or even from the warmth of the sun or the feeling of being grounded from the earth. Use this energy as a bubble around yourself.

Program this barrier with love, security, and safety, and imagine it existing gently around you.

I recommend cord-cutting every single day just to take care of and reclaim your autonomy. Your energy field is yours. (Michele Lundstrom)

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Visit Michele’s counseling website and see also Luminous Ignus.

Connect with Michele on Facebook, Instagram, and Psychology Today.

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