How Thoughts Become Your Reality, Interview with Cassidy Rey

Dec 8, 2021

How does your perception shape the way you view the world? Is it possible to transform your negative thought patterns? What can you do to intentionally improve your life from your thoughts to your reality?


Cassidy Rey is a Psychic/Medium Spiritual Healer who provides clients with messages from their Spirit Guides and Angels, and the mastermind behind Let’s Get Friggin’ Weird. Cassidy did her undergraduate in Psychology and began a master’s program at the University of San Diego to be a Clinical Mental Health Counselor. However, as she progressed in her master’s program, she couldn’t see herself conforming to the “counselor” life. With that feeling, she took a leap of faith and dropped out of school to start pursuing a different dream; becoming a Holistic Life Coach: Psychic/Medium.

Cassidy was around the age of 2 when she first started to feel, see, and talk to spirits. She created her own Psychic/Medium business, ‘Let’s Get Friggin’ Weird’, and took off on a 6-month road trip around the United States to spread her gifts of healing to other people. Her goal is to continue to share her gift with the world and give people the healing messages they need to become their best and highest self.

Visit Cassidy’s website, Let’s Get Friggin’ Weird. Connect with her on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube.


  • Perception
  • Transforming negative thought patterns
  • You need to believe it


Everything in this world is what you perceive it to be and a big thing I like to preach on is that there’s really no right or wrong, or good or bad, in this world. Everything is just what you know and believe to be true. (Cassidy Rey)

The world is what you make it to be. Manifestation and perception go together, and manifestation is not about wishing for love or more money.

On a deeper level, manifestation is about your mindset, how you wake up in the morning and face the day, the way you speak to yourself, and the way to speak out into the world. All of this becomes and influences your reality.

In this way, depending on how you think, speak, and act, you can also manifest negative things into your life if you are not aware of yourself, your emotions, and your thoughts. Manifestation and creating a calm, nourishing life are intentional.

Transforming negative thought patterns

By speaking out negative words, you give them life. If you struggle with finding a partner, and you call yourself “unlovable”, you are giving that reality life.

However, if you focus on loving yourself, you give the presence of love a reality in your life.

If you feel love, you find, see, and interact more with love. If you feel loneliness, and speak it into reality, you find, see, and interact more with the feeling of loneliness.

It always comes down to the thoughts. They’re believing that they’re not enough or they’re believing that they don’t deserve it, or they’ll never get it, so they don’t. (Cassidy Rey)

You need to believe it

Changing your thoughts and limiting beliefs are not going to happen on their own. You must put in some work as well, and believe the thing that you want is possible, and on its way to you.

Creating your thoughts and manifesting is not about writing a list on a piece of paper. It is about you working to change how you think about yourself and the world. You, essentially, are changing the world for yourself. You start the shift.

It sounds so crazy, but it is so simple. I know that can be a tough thing to hear or say, especially in the psychology field with depression and anxiety, it’s not just a switch of a mindset and there are other things that need to go into it, but I think 90% of it is your mindset and believing in yourself. (Cassidy Rey)

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Visit Cassidy’s website, Let’s Get Friggin’ Weird

Connect with her on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube

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