A guide to Angel Healing with Heidi Dalzell

Nov 10, 2021

What is angel healing in therapy? How is angel healing another form of energetic treatment? Can you connect to your angels in your conscious mind?


A psychologist with a 25-year-old private practice, Heidi Dalzell has long known the benefits of self-exploration. As a lifelong seeker, Heidi has studied many spiritual practices and traveled widely, bringing her connections into private practice. These influences include Mindfulness and Buddhist inquiry, an appreciation for Hinduism and Bhakti yoga, and many New Age practices. She believes that true healing incorporates mind (psychology), body (somatic practices, such as yoga), and spirit (connection with the higher self and the Divine).

Heidi has trained with a number of healers, and in addition to her credential as a doctor of psychology, she is a certified spiritual coach, a certified past-life regressionist, and a certified angel guide. Heidi works with people throughout the US in her coaching practice. She is an avid writer and teacher and has appeared on numerous podcasts.

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  • What are angels?
  • Your angels
  • Getting to know your angels
  • What is angel healing?

What are angels?

The ideas behind what angels are may be informed by your religious background. For some people, angels are guardians or loved ones who have passed on. For others, angels are messengers from God.

The word “angel” is Greek, and it means messenger … “el” at the end of the word, as well as [at the end of] a lot of angel names such as Michael, Raphael, Gabriel … comes from the Hebrew word “Elohim” which means the divine. So really … angels are messengers of the divine. (Heidi Dalzell)

Across the board, angels are believed to be energetic beings that want to help and guide people. People project human forms onto them in a way to empathize and connect more easily with the concept of angels. What angels look like, if you believe in them, is quite dependent on you.

Your angels

Each person has angels. You have guardian angels who have been with you for many lifetimes.

Our guardian angels are divine intelligence that expresses itself to us in an individual way so that we can develop a personal relationship with them. (Heidi Dalzell)

The relationship that you form with your angels is unique to you and them. They may come to you in a vision, or as a physical touch, or energetic sensation. Each of your angels will feel different to you: your guardian angel will feel different from an archangel.

Your angels want to connect with you. They want to help people, but they cannot connect to and guide them if the person is not open to receiving their messages and opening that channel of connection.

Getting to know your angels

There are different ways for you to begin meeting your angels:

  • Enter a meditative state
  • Say “guardian angel, thank you for allowing me to know you”. Talk with them in a way where you thank them for what you are hoping for them to do
  • Then, ask them what you would like to know
  • Listen for the answer and be in stillness.

What is angel healing?

It is a part of the energetic world. Therefore, angel healing is a form of energy healing.

It connects to what the client is struggling with and encourages them to deepen their connection to themselves and their spirituality.

As a therapist, it is possible to form energetic attachments to your clients, especially when you are treating them through difficult issues of their own.

Sometimes you may need to perform a chord-cutting ceremony to separate yourself from their energy to protect your own and to maintain the therapeutic process.

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Check out the Soulful Connections Coaching website and Facebook page

Visit Heidi’s personal website. Contact her practice at (215) 630-7154 or email her at hmdalzell@verizon.net

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