Episode 186 Practical Strategies For Developing Intuition & Spiritual Gifts: Interview With Janee Paige

Jun 19, 2024

What are some practical strategies for unlocking your intuition and spiritual gifts? How can we begin to trust our intuition and let it help us guide us as clinicians?

MEET Janee Paige

Janee is a Spiritual Advisor who specializes in Mediumship, Intuition Development, and Energy Healing. 

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  • What is intuition? 2:58
  • What blocks you from your intuition? 8:22
  • Tips on developing your intuition 15:52
  • Sit in on a reading with Chris McDonald 36:37

What Is Intuition?

  • Learning to listen to our inner voice
  • Why does connecting with your inner self matter?
  • What’s the difference between intuition and anxiety?
  • What are some misconceptions about intuition?
  • What is the difference between intuition and spirituality?

What Blocks You From Your Intuition?

  • Understanding what you need to work through as an individual
  • What is Shadow Work?
  • Interpreting and developing your intuition
  • Why is intention so important when tapping into your intuition?

Tips On Developing Your Intuition

  • The importance of meditation and self-care
  • Breathwork and the importance of breathing properly
  • How do you practice listening to your intuition
  • What is energy work?
  • Journaling and intuition
  • How to incorporate movement into developing your intuition

Sit In On A Reading With Chris McDonald

  • Asking for consent
  • How to close out a reading

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Chris McDonald: Have you been curious about how to deepen your own intuition and spiritual gifts? Come with me today as we unveil the practical strategies to honing your intuition and spiritual gifts, discover practical techniques and ways to connect deeper, further unlocking your own inner wisdom. So grab your journal, find a comfortable space, and let's embark on this enlightening exploration together.

This is an episode. Unlike any other today's guest, Janae will be doing a live reading with host Chris McDonald, so you can see how the process works in real time. You don't want to miss this.

This is Holistic Counseling, the podcast for mental health therapists who want to deepen their knowledge of holistic modalities and build their practice with confidence. I'm your host, Chris McDonald, Licensed Therapist. I am so glad you're here for the journey.

Welcome to today's episode of the Holistic Counseling Podcast. I'm your host once again, Chris McDonald. In today's episode, we're taking a journey to uncover practical strategies for nurturing intuition and unlocking spiritual gifts. Intuition that subtle yet powerful voice we all have within us often guides us towards paths of clarity, purpose, and connection, if we listen to it.

But how do we cultivate and trust this wisdom, especially with the noise of daily life? How can we tap into this, help us become even more effective clinicians? And how can we tap into our spiritual gifts to enrich our lives and those around us? Here to guide us on this journey is Janae Page, a prior guest on the Holistic Counseling Podcast episode 161, Bridging the Gap Between Spirituality and Mental Health.

If you haven't listened to that before, I highly recommend you go back. You will love it. It is so jam packed with helpful tips that can help you in your practice. Janae is a spiritual advisor who specializes in mediumship, intuition development, and energy healing. Welcome back to the podcast, Janae.

Thanks. Thank you. Thank you for having me again. I'm so excited for you to be here and I was just, uh, sharing with Jenae, I love the picture she's got for those that aren't seeing the video. She has this beautiful picture of somebody meditating and there's all these wonderful colors. They're like on a, I don't know what they're sitting in the water there and flowers and rainbow colors.

It's beautiful.

Janee Paige: Very

Chris McDonald: spiritual.

Janee Paige: Thank you. Thank you. I have it over my massage table. It just kind of brings that. Zen Healing Instinct Relaxations.

Chris McDonald: Well, it's so nice to have you back. Thank you. And I know we talked about bridging the gap between spirituality and mental health in episode 161 last time, and that was very helpful.

But now we're doing something a little different. I've had a lot of listeners asking about building those intuition and spiritual gifts. So I thought this would be a good topic for us.

Janee Paige: Oh, yeah, absolutely. Absolutely.

Chris McDonald: Well, let's start from the beginning, though, because I know we talk about intuition. We throw that word around, right?

So what is intuition? How would you define it and describe it?

Janee Paige: So I would describe intuition or define it as your inner voice. It's the innermost parts of you that we hear every day, but in the same breath, we don't always listen to it.

Chris McDonald: A lot of times,

Janee Paige: you know, we're taught different things throughout life.

And one of those things is not really always listening to your own voice. We're more so taught to listen outside of ourselves. So your intuition is just you allowing yourself to connect with your inner voice. Why does that matter? Because it's you. And when you're looking outside of yourself, you're listening and focused on not necessarily what you want, or you're telling yourself or what your body needs, but more so what the outside world would prefer you to do or be.

or who you should be. Yeah, that's true.

Chris McDonald: What's the difference between intuition and anxiety? I know a lot of therapists listening probably have that come up a lot in sessions.

Janee Paige: So anxiety is more of a feeling. Intuition is more of who you are yourself. So anxiety stems from stress or things that we constantly worry about.

Your intuition is literally a part of you. Who you are, what you embody, how you carry yourself. Your highest or how people always say your higher self is

Chris McDonald: there

Janee Paige: a connection to that? Or is that the same thing? It's the same thing. It's basically your, your inner voice. Okay. And when you inner voice, yeah, when you're looking more so for anxiety or looking towards anxiety.

Anxiety is how we feel about something, like something outside of ourselves that gives us anxiety. Like if you have a bad experience playing football, football might give you anxiety. The thought of football, hearing football teams, seeing a football, different situations and things that you've been through.

So what are some misconceptions about intuition? Oh,

Chris McDonald: oh gosh.

Janee Paige: Yes, because. There are so many. I would say one of the biggest thing that I hear is people that are intuitive. Don't believe in God. Oh, right. And that is such a huge, huge thing that a lot of people, you know, truly believe. But in reality, the most of the people who are intuitive actually do believe in God or in a higher power.

And that's what our intuition is connected to. And we each have it. Everybody has. that same divine source connected inside of them. So it's not just certain people that can connect to it. Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. It's just whether or not you're open to it or not. Um, I always tell people, you know, it's like eating a bag of chips.

Like say, for example, you like a particular type of chips, like Cheetos. If that's your thing, that's your thing. If it's not your thing, then you won't really connect with it as much, if that makes sense.

Chris McDonald: So what's the difference between that and, like, spiritual gifts? Because I know we're going to talk about that.

Janee Paige: Your intuition and spiritual gifts?

Chris McDonald: Yeah, what's the difference, would you say?

Janee Paige: To me, it's all, it's all one in the same. It's all interconnected, yeah. Yeah, because whether you're intuitive based on like, hearing things, feeling things, as far as messages, or your, you know, your inner knowing, it's all kind of in the same.

The spiritual gifts to me are the same. Like, I've always called my intuition like a gift. That's what my mom always called it. So it kind of trickled down. So for me, I kind of put them all in the same category.

Chris McDonald: Yeah. So like

Janee Paige: being able

Chris McDonald: to hear things like from the other side or like a spiritual

Janee Paige: gift or seeing things.

And to me, it's just to me again, cause some people, you know, describe things differently, but I think it's all connected to your inner knowing still. Oh, okay.

Chris McDonald: Cause a lot of times I'll see visual, like of certain things that come to my mind. And once I've started to embrace that and say, okay, I'm just going to accept that and share that with whoever it is.

Even in podcast interviews, I had something that my last guest, I just shared it and just comes up. And so you, you're saying that probably comes from just my inner higher self, maybe to the intuition.

Janee Paige: Yep. So what's happening is your physical being, who you are in this moment is allowing yourself to be so in tune.

with your spirit that you're able to intertwine the messages so it comes through naturally. So sometimes when people are saying like, you know, I'm getting a headache because so many downloads are coming in, nine times out of 10, there's a part of us that is trying to block out. You know, either part of the message or what's coming in, or it's too much coming in at once because we're so distracted in the physical world.

And I don't mean distracted in a bad way, because again, you know, live in life, there are things that you have to do. So if you're focused on, Things in the physical and these intuitive messages are coming all down at the same time. It's kind of like being on overload. So

Chris McDonald: that could be

Janee Paige: overwhelming for

Chris McDonald: your nervous system.

I'm sure.

Janee Paige: Absolutely. And the best way just, uh, heads up to anybody that is experiencing that. Drinking water and resting is the best way to deal with that. Like downloads coming in that are, you know, overwhelming or giving you a headache. Allowing yourself and your physical body to rest so that it can catch up with your spirit is definitely helpful and beneficial during that process.

Chris McDonald: So what blocks people from their intuition? Ooh. You're laughing.

Janee Paige: I know. Sorry. It's because it's so, that's such a good question because it's so many things. Like, I mean, anything honestly can block you. It can be your thoughts. It could be relationships. It could be people in your life. It can be you not wanting to move forward or move on for something, holding on to things that no longer serve you.

It could be the food that you're eating. It could be your. diet, medication, so many different things. It depends on the person and what they're going through in that moment. And what is showing up for them that they have to work through. So for example, if like, let's use shadow work for an example. So shadow work is when something surfaces that you need to deal with or that you need to face.

If I decide, like, I'm not dealing with that today. Nine times out of 10, I will create blockages in my path that is going to affect me being able to connect or do my work. That makes sense.

Chris McDonald: But I wonder, too, do people get messages from people in their lives and society, too, that it's not always safe to even share some intuitive messages or downloads?

Yes, I believe so.

Janee Paige: So I know I've experienced that, and I do think other people have or do. It's just whether or not. They are able to interpret if they should share or shouldn't share. That's true. Exactly. And who to share with. Exactly. And who to share with, because that

Chris McDonald: does matter as well. Yeah, that can make a difference.

Yeah. And whether you want to accept that or, you know, can you move to that place? Which is why we're here today. Right. To be able to accept them. Yeah. Exactly. So I know that's something I've been working on the past couple of years. I'm really wanted to work on developing my intuition and gifts and, and one thing that I talked to Janae about that I started with was intention.

Can you talk about intention? How that could be a starting place?

Janee Paige: Yes. Intention is everything. So let's say you're preparing for. for something, whether that's company coming to your house and you have to clean up. You're preparing a meal to cook for your family. You're preparing a proposal for your job.

There's a process that you have to go through for whatever it is that you're preparing for. So when you're in the process of setting intention, so you're Getting yourself ready. You're having this conversation with yourself and whatever it is that you want to do, like, let's use water as an example, water is the purest form of manifesting, and I say purest because it's water.

It's literally clear, it's pure, you can bless it, you can drink it, it nourishes your body. Okay, so you're speaking your intention into this water and you're telling yourself like, okay, I'm going to drink this water and it's going to help me. release all the things that are no longer serving me, help me navigate in the way that I need to.

But deep in your heart, you really don't believe that that's gonna work. So you're, although you're doing all the steps and all the things to prepare, if you don't believe it within your heart, what you're attempting to do is not necessarily gonna be success the first time. But if you are continuously doing this thing and working towards that same goal, You're working with yourself to believe that this will work out.

So eventually you start to train yourself to manifest whatever that is. So with your intention, it's depending on where you are in your journey, you do have to set certain boundaries, but continue to move forward with it because intention is tricky. It's very tricky, but. The best way to work through that is repetition, repetition.

So what would that be like with intuition? So depending on, I'll just go back and use the water as an example. If you're speaking life into that, to that water, the repetition would be you constantly doing that over and over, over and over, over and over to help basically push that intention. Like for example, if you're working out to do a certain stretch, but you just don't have it the first couple of times, if you keep going, you're eventually going to get it.

So it also goes back to anxiety and stress. A lot of times the anxiety and stress can block our intention. Attention. Okay. That's true. Can throw us off off the path. Absolutely. But we're also, you know, we're human. We have to give ourselves grace. And if you're someone who really believes that something can work for you, that's when people are like, Oh, it's a miracle.

Like I did this and it worked the first time. That is because deep in their heart and in their soul, they knew that this was going to work out for them.

Chris McDonald: Hmm.

Janee Paige: So it is that mind shift maybe too.

Chris McDonald: And that deep inner knowing belief that it will work. Right, right, right, right. Yeah. So I guess it is almost just having that deep faith that I could do this, that I'm going to really work on this.

Because I used to believe, honestly, that only certain people could really work on these gifts. Cause it seemed like I, I knew people that were mediums or, you know, intuitive, they did businesses and wow, I could never be like that. I don't have that. But, but I think that a lot of people might have that same belief.

Right. So I think once I moved past that and I was like, wait a second, you know, and, and I've gone to some other readers and they've told me that I have in my family of females, that we all have these gifts more than other people, that there's a strong link. And then when I started to, when I started to listen and hear it, heard my inner voice, I was like, wow.

There's something there and it's gotten stronger and stronger and with this intention and practice, but I think doesn't that come with intention that you have to look at other teachers and learning? Like, I've done a lot of reading and exploration and self work. I mean, isn't that part of it?

Janee Paige: Um, it could be.

Yes. Yeah. Um, I think the. Biggest, I think the biggest thing is looking inside yourself. So your journey might start looking at other people, but definitely is going to, you'll get to a point where you only start to look inside of yourself and it'll still be guided, you know, possibly to different books or other people, but the root of it is going to come from you.

Actually, when I first met you at the body, mind, spirit expo, I thought you did reading. Are you serious? Yeah. Until we were like talking, you told me what you did. I thought you did readings. I know you did the podcast and all of that, but I did also think that you offered reading because that's how intuitive you are.

Like your spirit kind of exudes it. So when I look at you, I can see the glow coming off of you, which is typically that tells me like that someone is. Intuitive enough to give readings or they give readings and just don't realize they're giving readings. That's true.

Chris McDonald: I guess you could say that in a sense with what I do for a living as a mental therapist in some ways, right?

Right. We don't call it readings, but yeah, yeah. But I just having that, cause I think as clinicians we have to have, you know, that clinical judgment, but an intuitive side, we do have to tap into that regardless of where you are in your spiritual journey. You have to have some of that. Exactly. Absolutely.

In order to help people, if you're working with people, you have to have some of this practice. Right. Right. I love that. Makes a lot of sense. So true. Well, let's get to some more practical things. So what else can people do if they really want to move forward with their gifts?

Janee Paige: Meditate for sure. Like some things that you can work on at home is meditating, allowing yourself to literally relax.

Yes. That is something that we don't do enough. Look into breath work. I, one thing that I've learned throughout the years is breathing properly is very important. We all have to breathe in order to survive, but breathing properly, I had no idea until I took a breathwork class, how much I was holding my breath.

Or shallow breathing. Yes. I had no clue that that was even a thing that I was doing. But that is something that also helps because when your brain is getting the proper amount of oxygen, you would be surprised what's able to flow through it. Your thoughts will come through clearer, your messages can come through clearer, and you'll actually feel more rested because you're breathing.

body won't be ready to shut down so fast. Another thing that you can do is practicing, practicing on yourself, practice, listening to yourself, you know, having those moments where you listen to yourself, the messages coming through and determining. What is my intuition and what is fear? What is my intuition and what is anxiety?

And being honest with yourself. That's another thing. You have to sit and be honest with yourself. Like, okay, this message is coming through and it sounds good, but at the same time, is this coming from my intuition or is this coming from my anxiety? And that's such a huge thing. Being able to master those tools.

And then of course, one of my favorite is energy work. I am such a. I'm a big fan of laying on the massage table. I have people that I go to, to get energy.

Chris McDonald: I was just going to

Janee Paige: say that

Chris McDonald: I'm going to laugh because I feel like we're intuitively on the same plane. Cause I wrote down Reiki. Cause I was like going to ask you, do you think that would be helpful?

Janee Paige: Absolutely. Energy healing is the key. So beneficial, so beneficial. After my mom passed, I was so blocked off that I couldn't really connect. Like I could still, you know, connect, but I wasn't in the position to really work on anybody else. It took a while. So I would go to Sarah, um, here at Color My Spirit Wellness and.

I would get sessions from her and it helped me so much to just let somebody else outside of myself that I trusted do the energy work for me.

Chris McDonald: Yeah.

Janee Paige: Makes a difference.

Chris McDonald: Cause that's what I was wondering about, like your chakras. So if they're blocked, would that block intuition?

Janee Paige: Absolutely. And then we have to think about too, you know, everybody's so focused on your third eye.

Because they're like, you know, I want the messages to come from my third eye or my crown chakra. But in reality, if you're getting all these messages in your upper chakras, but your lower chakras are in balance or below, where are the messages being pulled from? You're Pulling fear from your lower chakras into your upper chakras.

So are the messages coming through, you know, clear and what they need to be is a good question to ask yourself. So say that again, are the messages, are they coming clear, clear, clear, That's a good question to ask yourself, like, okay, my upper chakras are open, but my lower chakras are all over the place.

You're not balanced out. Your stability is off.

Chris McDonald: So recently when I, yeah, when I had Reiki, um, with Sarah recently, she said they were spinning in the opposite direction. What does that mean? Do you know what that means? So

Janee Paige: they're unbalanced. Unbalanced. Okay. Now, spinning in the opposite direction, um, doesn't necessarily mean a lot.

But they're not balanced in that moment. So she probably cleared everything out for you and then made sure that your chakras were going in the right direction.

Chris McDonald: Yes. And if you haven't had energy healing, I highly recommend it because I am telling you, you just feel amazing after it really just feels lighter and more clear.

Just I don't know. It gives

Janee Paige: you an overall sense of wellness. Exactly. And I, Sarah actually is the one that introduced me to. Energy healing and messages. So, cause you know, a lot of times you do Reiki, it's just like the balance of the chakras and then that's kind of it. But she's the one that kind of introduced me to the, you know, the bigger picture of it and it makes a session so much, you kind of get a lot more clarity in different ways.

Makes it more rich. Exactly. Fulfilling. And I just feel like all my questions were answered. Isn't that the best? Like, this is

Chris McDonald: so good. Well, I wondered another thing that came up for me too, as you were talking about, is this my intuition or my fear? I wonder if journaling could be a good part of this process as well.

Janee Paige: Oh, yes. I can't believe I left that off. Journaling is everything. And if you're not I highly recommend voice memo on your phone, every phone, every smartphone has voice memo. So that way you're recording the date, the time, and even in your journaling in your notebook, write the date and the time because it makes a difference.

So you can look back or listen back on how far you've come, what you said on this date, set goals for yourself, like really allow yourself to Connect and decompress. And then the other thing is if you're meditating, allow yourself to go to sleep. One thing that I always kind of grasped from spirit is if you fall asleep during meditation, it's because your body needed that rest.

It's okay. Yeah. It's definitely okay.

Chris McDonald: I know

Janee Paige: some

Chris McDonald: people beat themselves up for that.

Janee Paige: I know. And I used to be one of them. Like, I used to be so mad at myself, like, why are you falling asleep? But then I had to realize, no, your body really needed this and you can still get the messages that you seek, even if you fall asleep.

Chris McDonald: Yeah, that's true. And I wonder, too, with journaling, one thing that I tried was just writing down, let's say if I had a download, just writing it down, too. So then I can have it recorded and look back on it and just almost see my progress in a way, too. Yep. Makes a difference.

Janee Paige: It really does. It really does.

Because journaling is It's definitely one of my favorite. I can't even believe I didn't say that first because it's one of my favorite things. Is it? Okay. It is. To do to help me when I get blocked off. I'm not, I'm not going to say like, I don't have to sometimes set an alarm when it comes to, you know, really getting myself through the process.

Journaling is so helpful.

Chris McDonald: What about dreams? Is there any part of that dreams can, can help you to with developing your intuition?

Janee Paige: Absolutely. If you remember your dreams, I recommend you keeping a dream journal by your bed so that as soon as you wake up, you can jot down what your dream was about. Cause a lot of people forget their dreams, or even if you just jot down your first thoughts when you wake up.

So I saw this online that when you're dreaming the dreams that you're having. And your REM sleep are typically the messages that you're getting from spirit, the things that your guides and your ancestors are wanting to communicate with you come through during that time. But the dreams that you're having that seem like rushed and jumbled right before you wake up is a lot of times the fear that you're facing in this lifetime.

So it's not, I didn't know that these are messages, but it's actually just the, the Things that are, you know, taunting you in a sense, like energies that are trying to get to you as you're coming back into your body. And when I heard that it resonated so much because I've noticed that when I am dealing with a lot of heavy energy, that when I'm waking up, it's everything that's stressing me out is like coming in at one time.

But the dream before that was, you know, messages or ancestors or guides or something meaningful.

Chris McDonald: I wonder if that's why a lot of clients I have to wake up feeling stressed.

Janee Paige: Absolutely. Absolutely. So, and I, when I say this, I want to be very careful with my words, but we live in a world currently that is.

Enduring a lot of chaos is a good way to put it. So when we dream and we're traveling in, you know, other realms in lifetimes or wherever, you have to remember we're coming back into that chaos. So as you're coming back into your body, although you may be protected and your guides are protected, it's just like having your eyes closed and hearing a lot of noise.

A little. Part of you is kind of like, what's going on over there? Like, I want to kind of hear it, but you're coming back in. So you might hear the chaos and get like a little glimpse of it. But the majority spirit saying now the majority of the people that are experiencing this, that are going to hear this portion of the recording, they're protected.

So although you're coming back into, and this is clearly we're switching gears now, spirit is kind of, It's all right. We're listening, Spirit. As you're coming back in, don't worry about like the negativity and the things that you're feeling because it's like you're kind of coming through the layers of what's happening around us.

It's not really happening to you, but more so around you. So you have to continue to ignore that, but also come up with some kind of practice before you go to sleep and when you wake up, whether it's like a prayer, A script. It could be a scripture, it could be a, something that you come up with. It could be affirmations, whatever that you wanna say or do to kind of help you throughout that process.

So what they're saying now is somebody, somebody is going to feel like they need to like literally get down on their knees and pray. Don't feel like that's just something that you shouldn't do. Whoever that message is for like your spirit guides are literally saying like we're telling you, you know If you have a bad dream or something is bothering you pray because that's what your body your physical body is used to now For someone else they might need to go take a shower to kind of cleanse their spirit so whatever your body is leading you to do in that moment, make sure that you're doing it because your physical body is needing to be a safe vessel for your spirit and your soul.

So just keep that in mind.

Chris McDonald: So what about movement? Do you think that's helpful to connect back in the morning?

Janee Paige: Oh yeah. Working out, moving your body, stretching, like all of those things are helpful. Whatever you feel your body needs, absolutely do it, including your diet. If you feel like you should cut out.

Some things, you know, do yourself a favor and cut those things out because it could be your body just needing to reset or refresh.

Chris McDonald: So really listening to your intuition. Exactly. What comes up? Do you need it? And sometimes isn't it true that we can say, what do I need in this moment? But listen, be quiet

Janee Paige: and just see what comes up.

Exactly. Exactly. And definitely ask. I feel like Spirit is like, look, pull some cards now. The Spirit is ready to go. Right. Because the messages are kind of just coming in. But what they're saying kind of now is, you know, in that moment, like you said, stretching and working out. You're, as you're manifesting these big things, you have to remember you're working.

physical body energetically is still having to house these big dreams and goals and different things like that. And what if this change that you're looking to manifest is a new job? So this new job may have, you know, longer work hours. You might not get as much sleep as you were before. So it's like you have to adjust your diet or adjust your, you know, your workouts or whatever it is for you so that you're.

body can still be taken care of during this process. And again, it goes back to listening to your intuition.

Chris McDonald: Yeah. And your body's needs change too. Exactly. And I think that really listening to that, as you get older, your needs change. Mm hmm. You don't have the same needs in your 50s. I'm in my 50s now. As you did in your teenage years or 20s, right?

Janee Paige: But, you know, it's so, it's so interesting we say that, but I run into so many people who are like, you know, but I feel good, but I'm like, you really don't, you're just, you know, taking more medication. Yeah. Again, if you're on a lot of different medication, you have to think about the shifts that your body is going through during that time and during that process.

Are you paying attention to what this medication is doing? needs to make you feel good because a lot of times you take medication, they're like, Oh, my leg is swelling up. Well, it says that you shouldn't be doing X, Y, Z with this medication, but you do X, Y, Z. So it's kind of the same thing with intuition.

Like if you know that something is going to do your body a certain way and you're still doing it, you're kind of going to get the same results. if not worse results. If

Chris McDonald: not worse results, yeah. Exactly. What is my body? What do I need? I think holistically too, right? What do I need physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally?

Janee Paige: Yes. And I'm such a fan of herbs. I'm such a fan of herbs. I'm no herbalist. But I love going to different herbalists and just learning about different things, vitamins and teas, you know, different things to flush you out or to just drink on a regular.

Chris McDonald: Yeah. Yeah. And what are your, I call my tools, right? Yes.

Figuring out those tools that work for your body. Exactly. Exactly. I love that so much. And I like essential oils too. I've been using my diffuser too, because I've been getting migraines and that's really helpful too. Just, just those, those small things that can make a big difference.

Janee Paige: Yes, absolutely. So is your migraine kind of like back here?

No, it's

Chris McDonald: kind of like across my forehead to my temples. Yeah.

Janee Paige: Okay. What I would do is get, allow yourself. Cause what I see is you massaging back here. Have you ever? Have you ever got a scalp massage? Yes. I would try that, but I, I see them focusing on the back. It's some type of pressure point back here that is going to help you.

That sounds nice. Yeah, it's a, it's some kind of pressure point that'll help you back here. And then definitely getting rest and staying hydrated. are the main two things that came up when you said that.

Chris McDonald: Oh, thank you. Yeah. I, I told you, they're like, they're like, look, she experienced that. She agreed to this.

We're about to come. So, uh, today, anything else about, uh, practical strategies that we might've left off?

Janee Paige: Practical strategies. So there are so many things to do. We, I will say I do feel like I left some off. I can't think of any necessarily off top, but whatever you feel like works for you, I say do it.

Candles, pendulums, crystal healing, whatever works for you, connect with it and do the work and be consistent. Because consistency is the key to your intuition. Don't like, don't feel like you have to switch up and do 50 different things because somebody else is doing it. Yeah. One thing that I always tell people in my mediumship classes, what works for one person doesn't work for everybody else, or it might not work for everybody else.

So just keep that in mind. Don't put so much pressure on yourself to do it in the way that somebody else is doing it. Cause it might not be, that might not be your way or your thing.

Chris McDonald: So should we, I know you mentioned like pendulums and crystals. So should there be some kind of ritual at times? Would that, would that be helpful for some people?

Janee Paige: Yes, absolutely. And, and it doesn't even have to be like a full ritual for everybody. Sometimes it's just the, you know, meditation and that can even be. considered a ritual, but it's just getting to yourself or getting to be with yourself, by yourself, for yourself, and allow yourself to connect. And I know I said yourself a lot, but that's the key.

That's the key. And that moment is really connecting with you because you're the one that is going to hear these messages and receive them. So don't look at the way I always get this. People want to receive in the way I receive, but I'm like, you know, be careful what you ask for. Number one. Yes. But also keep in mind that I had to do a lot of work to get where I am.

Chris McDonald: Exactly. So

Janee Paige: it's not it. Yes. I had to give since I was younger, but I will say when I was a kid, I saw a lot more than I do now. Um, and part of that is because I've, you know, learned other ways. to interpret. So it's like, I kind of, I can determine what I see and what I don't see, if that makes sense. So I say that to say, protection is also big, you know, make sure that you're, you know, protecting yourself in the way that you need to.

You're looking into different things. You're learning from the right people. Don't just pick up any and everything and try to apply it to your life. Make sure that you're actually taking time. You're meditating for answers. You're doing your research and you're really allowing yourself to connect with you.

And if you need help, That makes sense.

Chris McDonald: No, I'm glad you said that. Cause I was, I was thinking about like, that you could end up going down the wrong path with some people that, or quote unquote coaches who might be trying to just take your money and not really offer you much.

Janee Paige: Exactly. Exactly. And it's very, very important that you are cautious and use your discernment because again, What somebody else has going on might not work for you.

So it's very, very, very important to trust yourself, trust your gut, your intuition, and move with discernment.

Chris McDonald: So how can somebody who's listening learn to trust themselves? I think that's what gets in the way a lot.

Janee Paige: So if you're having. If you're having issues trusting yourself, I would recommend looking into getting a reading from someone or an energy session where you can get feedback on how to move forward.

Because those, a lot of times when it comes to trusting yourself, you do need an outside person that you track to kind of help you. guide you. Like I do not recommend doing everything by yourself. I'm not saying you have to, you know, go out and always ask somebody else. Because again, the goal is to connect with yourself, but make sure that you're working with someone who can help you do that.

Chris McDonald: Yeah, exactly. So I think the message is to, to really be careful who you're, who you reach out to, the information you get.

Janee Paige: Yeah,

Chris McDonald: definitely.

Janee Paige: Ask questions before, I'm sorry.

Chris McDonald: Yeah.

Janee Paige: No, I was going to say trust yourself. Yeah. Trust yourself and ask questions. I always, I always tell people before you book a session, ask questions so you can make sure that you know what you're booking and, you know, what to expect if you're not sure.

Don't just book. That's

Chris McDonald: the problem, right? Yeah, because I have talked to a lot of people who have had really bad readings or people that are unsavory and just that they really are just trying to get people's money. Right. Unfortunately, which is, I know that's the struggle in the spiritual community as well, unethical people.

Janee Paige: Yes, it's so hard. I always tell people just because someone works for someone else too doesn't mean they'll work for you. It doesn't mean they're bad people. People or anything like that. But you know, if I'm not your person, that's okay. There is somebody out there that can definitely help you. I do not take offense if someone is not, you know, connecting with me in the way that they thought they would, or the way they want it to, like, I always assure people, like, it is okay.

We can find you somebody who can help you and guide you and deliver the messages in the way that you need to receive them.

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Oh, that's great. Which brings us to our reading today. For listeners who may not have ever had a reading, Janay is like shaking if you can't see her on YouTube. She's shaking her shoulder. She's excited. So we're going to do a reading with me, your host, and, uh, we're going to look and see what happens today.

All right. But she wanted to offer this today, which was very generous and just kind of share the experience of what that's like. So I know a lot of you, if you've never done this or experienced this, this could be enlightening to see how this process works. And there's some mystery around it. I'm sure if this is something you've never experienced, right, Jenny?

Right. It could be, it could be. I told her I was a little scared.

Janee Paige: Don't be afraid. So the way I do my readings is I have a little spiel that I do, um, Before I start with every session, and then I also close this out at the end. So I did already do it before we got on off camera, but I'll go ahead and do it again.

Okay. So I asked to be surrounded by the golden light. I asked that only for Chris's highest good come in. Anything that's not from the light, I demand that it leave this room, this universe where it may be released, positive energy and vibes only. Do I have consent to move forward? And I do. And so asking for consent was something that.

My, one of my cousins in Connecticut, she had told me about when we were talking about doing readings and it just sounded like something that was very polite. So I, it kind of stuck with me. Um, and I have got back before, you know, that I didn't have consent. Now, typically that just means that, you know, it doesn't always mean something bad.

It could just mean that. Now is not a good time or, you know, just kind of reschedule something like that. So right now, the energy that is I'm picking up is that you're a little nervous, a little anxious, but nothing bad. These are all normal feelings when you're having a reading because again, you don't really know what's going to come up.

We aren't expecting. Yeah. Okay. So right now I'm using, um, Oracle cards to do this reading today. What I do is I kind of just spread them out on the table and we'll go through. First and foremost, I see something that you're working on and whether this be a new business adventure, whether. It's something in your personal life, maybe with your home, whether that's moving or like construction or just something new.

It's two things. Actually, I see something with your home or in your personal life. And then I see something with the work that you're looking to kind of switch up. I definitely want you to create a concrete plan, write down exactly what you want to do. And how you want it to come through, like how you would like to interpret it.

Chris McDonald: That's where I'm at right now is I'm making some shifts in my business. Yeah.

Janee Paige: Yes. And we got disruption. Okay. So that disruption is just a little bit of doubt. There's always going to be a little energy that's sure. And this is kind of what I'm seeing, like just energy, just kind of telling you like, no, this is not something that you should do, but I want you to, you know, stop beating yourself up.

The thing about it is, if everything is in balance in your life, like, keep creating balance in your life, excuse me. That is going to be something that's going to work out for you. If you're looking at a situation and at any time things just seem off, don't worry about it. So, you also have, Partnerships and alliances in the miracle of nature.

So believe in miracles. Number one, believing in miracles is definitely going to help you, but also be open to alliances and partnerships and different things like that, because there are people around you, like you meet a lot of people and there are people around you that can, Definitely help not only expand your business, but more so like, I see you learning you're like in the classroom, not a physical classroom, but maybe yes,

Chris McDonald: yeah, I'm looking to move into some therapy intensives and get some training in that for my practice.

Janee Paige: Oh, that's good. So that's going to be helpful along your journey. Your emotions, you got sensitivity. So your emotions are going to definitely help you through that transition, just because you're so much of an empath and all of this is part of your soul journey. Like everything that you're doing is part of your divine plan.

So please know that whatever you have in mind is coming up as a victory success. You're at peace, you're in harmony, you're in alignment, everything is going to work out. But you have to give yourself some grace, okay? Because right now I just see that you're beating yourself up just a little bit. So this is where they get a little personal, but not too personal.

Your spiritual abundance Is dependent on how much you love yourself and you taking a leap of faith. Spirit wants you to know that you are doing a great job connecting with your inner power and allowing yourself to co-create the reality that you want and that you desire and continue to, you know, be a peaceful.

Be a peaceful warrior. And when I say peaceful warrior, like, that's literally the card you got, peaceful warrior. But what you're showing me is, like, you're standing up for the people who, you know, don't have a voice. You give people a voice, whether they don't have certain resources or certain access to certain things, but you're helping out what they're showing me.

Like all the people that are like sitting in the back at the show or something like that, like you would be the one to make sure that they're okay. So continue to do that for yourself. Also, there is, there's a loss that you, somebody that you lost that was close to you, you speaking about that and sharing your truth.

is going to help you. Now, whether that's, uh, um, did you lose a pet a while back? Okay. Um, cause I don't feel like it's a human that they're referring to. Maybe like, do you do pet therapy? No. Okay. That cause that's kind of coming up. Like interesting.

Chris McDonald: Okay. My cat's my cohort during my therapy session. She comes in my

Janee Paige: video.

So she's

Chris McDonald: part of

Janee Paige: my therapy sessions

Chris McDonald: with

Janee Paige: clients. That could be it. Because I feel like it's like animal therapy or, you know, something like that. So keep that in mind, like that might really be something that you can use in your practice. I know someone that did a cat meditation, which I had never in my life heard of.

What? I've not heard of this. This is awesome. Yes, she did cat meditation. I don't know if she still does it, but she did it here in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Chris McDonald: You're going to have to share that one with me and put it in the show notes for listeners. I sure

Janee Paige: will. And she works out of Color of My Spirit.

Chris McDonald: See, this is a place in Raleigh for listeners that don't know.

So they have all kinds of holistic practitioners.

Janee Paige: Yes. So whatever this, whatever this is that you're going to do with animal therapy, it's going to help you deal with the emotions that are kind of like bottled up inside of you. Because there, there are some, it's not a lot. They're not negative emotions.

But so what they're showing me is. Are you one that when you watch a movie, if it's sad, you'll cry? Not always. Not always? Because that's what they're showing me. All those emotions are like inside of you. They want to get out. They want to come out. But, but this is going to help you. Like, again, you got the success card.

So it's not just that you need to sit around and cry, right? That's not the message. It's more so. That you allowing yourself to get more in touch with yourself. It's going to bring you down different avenues to doing different work that you probably never saw yourself doing. A steady flow of abundance is about to manifest.

You got the abundance card after that. So what your guides are telling me now intuitively, first of all, I can see a huge angel standing behind you. She has this white glow with it's kind of yellow in the middle, which is showing me that she's definitely walking in her power. And she's telling me that she's, you know, she's not your highest self, but she's connected to your higher self, basically the highest being.

And she said that right now you're in your transitional period of trying to figure things out. And she said, Just keep in mind that you already have the answers. So it's not really the win as far as like, when is this going to happen for me? But she said more so I want you to look at it as this is a win, W I N, no matter where you're at in the process, you're winning, you're ahead, you're in alignment.

Things are going to fall in place. So that's why every time you go out trying to seek answers, you can't find them. It's not that they're not there. They're just not supposed to come in right now. So as you go throughout your journey, different opportunities and different things are going to fall in your lap.

So just be ready. Continue to prepare yourself. for any and everything. That's beautiful. Do you have any questions? Did anything come up health wise? No, ma'am, but we can look for sure. Let's see. What do we have in her health? Alrighty. Okay, so we got angel of self worth. You are currently undervaluing yourself.

It is time to regain your self worth. Study and learning. So as you're going through this process, So something There is something surfacing in reference to health, but I don't feel like it's, it's something bad. It's something that's shifting your perception on what you should put into your body and what you shouldn't put into your body.

So I want you to do research. Like if you go to a doctor's appointment, don't just take what's being told to you. I want you to look into it and figure out. What's going on, what's happening and different ways that you can go about your healing process, because I also got connecting with music, like music could really help you.

So I would look into sound therapy, sound bowl healing. There are some people. That here in Raleigh that I know two different things like that, that I could even, that are kind of surfacing and I don't have all their information up top, but it's one person in particular that keeps coming up and I can make sure after the call you have their information.

You might already know them, but we can share that in the show notes too. Yes, definitely. But continue to shine your light, whatever it is that you're going through, you're going through this so that you can tell your story.

Chris McDonald: Yes. And I have, I have started to do that. That's one thing that I've been working on.

One of my values is transparency, too, is really opening up that conversation with people, connecting people with chronic pain. And things have just really accelerated the past month. And talking like through my email newsletter to people, but also through clients, I'm telling clients what's happening because I want them to understand and show them what self care is and what I'm doing to help myself too.

So I'm the more people I can tell to you to help them support them on their journey as well.

Janee Paige: Exactly, exactly. And I just pulled a few more cards and one of the ones that came out was soul song. So it's definitely something with you and music and I got soul craft and soul matey. So what your body is.

your body, mind and spirit are currently doing are all coming together to kind of get you to where you need to be as far as transforming into this next journey in your life. You also got transformation again. So you're definitely going through a transformative period. Let's pull some, let's get some clarity on the transformation.

So with your transformation, the universe is looking for you to trust, but there's something shaken up. It's this situation is shaking up your foundation a little bit. The universe is wanting you to trust. This whole thing is part of your destiny. So it's something that you're supposed to be going through.

So your spirit guides keep saying, I know that I know it's troubling, but it's part of your journey. It's also part of your shadow work.

Chris McDonald: Oh,

Janee Paige: you doing shadow work. So dig deep within yourself and ask yourself, in what way am I, you know, hiding or neglecting myself? Good journaling. Mm hmm. And what way am I hiding or neglecting myself?

That is also going to be something that's going to help you along this journey. It's going to get you back in touch with yourself. And honestly, this is another way to open up your intuition, is really digging deep within yourself and figuring out what that is, that is trying to resurface and why. What lesson is this that I'm trying to teach?

Sure. To be taught or going through.

Chris McDonald: Yeah, exactly. This has been amazing. I hope listeners really enjoy this as well, just to get an insight on how this works and this whole process and connecting the spirit and getting clarity and using the cards too. I know a lot of listeners are interested in using cards, so this has been

Janee Paige: phenomenal.

I love that. Cards are definitely something that is helpful. I don't always use them, but I love when I get to pull them out and give a message here and there using cards, whether it's a self love reading, an ancestor reading, a past life reading, all of these different things or different topics kind of help.

You know, the messages come through, but for you today, I just did a general Oracle card reading. And what that does is whatever message needs to come through at that time, or that's the intention I set, whatever message needs to come through at that time. And then if you have additional questions, you can definitely ask.

Chris McDonald: That's how

Janee Paige: you just have them ask the question. Okay.

Chris McDonald: Gotcha. So it's kind of both very interesting. Well, like I said, this has been quite an experience. We've never done this on this podcast before. So this was really cool. You're the first. So amazing. But thank you so much for coming back on the podcast.

Janee Paige: Of course. Thank you for having me again. It's always a pleasure. I feel like we always have a lot of laughs on and off. Yes,

Chris McDonald: we sure do. And what's the best way for listeners to find you to learn more about you?

Janee Paige: Um, you can go to my website, goddessofrjhs. com or you can follow me on Instagram. It's goddessofrjhs.

com. Goddess underscore of underscore RJHS.

Chris McDonald: Very cool. We'll have that in the show notes, but thank you listeners for being here as well. And I hope you enjoyed this episode and I have a gift for you. I have a free 30 day aura meditation app guest pass to help you find peace, get restful sleep, And do some meditation to help with your intuition.

So check it out today at hcpodcast. org forward slash better sleep. That's hcpodcast. org forward slash better sleep. And once again, this is Chris McDonald sending each one of you much light and love. Till next time, take care. Thanks for listening. The information in this podcast is for general educational purposes only.

And it is given with the understanding that neither the host, the publisher, or the guests are giving legal financial counseling or any other kind of professional If you need a professional, please find the right one for you. The Holistic Counseling Podcast is proudly part of the Psych Craft Network.

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